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Be grateful That your Equipment is cheap!!

Life isn’t easy, but it is still a good idea to be grateful for the opportunities we have. Take, for example, the fact that most of us can now create unique video, photography, or music content from our own home.

The technological improvements on Camera and sound recording devices in the past 10 years alone has been immense. All the while the affordability of the equipment has fallen. No longer do you need to pat thousands of dollars to go to a studio or have avoid editing you family home movies because it would just cost to much. Now you can go online and find a reasonable video and sound editor program for $50 bucks.

A high quality desktop microphone can be purchased for less than 100 dollars, and even camera’s (depending on how high tech you need to get) can be found for under $500. Put it all together and you can be making your own podcasts, video blogs, or songs for just pennies the cost for a decade ago.

So there… be grateful you chumps!!

Capturing A Good Photo

Because content is so importnat.. and original content more favored, we suggest you follow some of the below pointers and take action.

Pictures for posts

A picture is worth a thousand words:

who needs a beach anyway?

We have all heard the phrase before, but do we really understand what it means in term of marketing or engaging content in general.

a picture of a lady on the beach

Ok…maybe if she is there 🙂

How many of us scroll the Facebook pages at times and never actually read anything? Just take the time to like a few pictures and move along. It is this very reason that site like Pinterest and Instagram have started to command so much more attention and, in the case of Instagram have a much higher participation rate on the content added.

High-quality pictures, whether artistic or of the everyday variety, are quick to digest. Dozens of pictures can be observed in the same amount of time it takes to read a short article. Entire websites with massive traffic flow are dedicated to creating and sharing stock images (and selling other works as well). Websites like Pexels or Pixabay are visited daily by thousands of users and content creators for the purpose of sharing and selling images.

But a word to the wise, original content is looked upon more favorable as it pertains to Search Engine Optimization. It makes sense that a photo used a million times on as many different web pages is going to have less resonance with a search engine algorithm even if it has a fantastic impact on a viewer seeing it for the first time. This is why we encourage people to get out their camera’s and get some photo’s of their own creation out into the world. New photo’s that one puts on their web pages.

Remember, if you are trying to improve your online rankings, try giving a title to the pictures that represent some of the keywords you are going after.

Tips For Using Photos For Marketing

Photos have long been a part of marketing and continue to be important with the advent of online marketing. It is important that you consider what role images are going to be playing in your marketing strategy when you create your marketing plan. It is also important to consider what images you should be using and why.

Understanding The Social Role Of Photos

As many businesses are moving toward online marketing, it is important to know what the social role is photos are. The social role of pictures plays a large role in why and how you should be using them. Research into user behavior has shown that content with images will get 94% more views than content without. Social media updates which have images will also get more likes, shares and retweets.

The principal behind this is that the image will draw the eye of the viewer to the content. Society is very visual orientated and the use of images in marketing will tap into this.

The Photos That You Should Be Using

Knowing that you need to use photos in your marketing and knowing which images to use are very different things. The type of picture that you use will vary depending on the type of marketing that you are going to be completing. The pictures used for content marketing will be different to the ones that are used for paid Facebook adverts.

When completing content marketing you should look at blog and website images such as headers and images in your content which relates to your content. This will increase the number of views the content receives and will help with image SEO. Many experts and almost every SEO consultant, will state that images which are funny, surprising or pretty will work the best.

When completing social media marketing you need to look at photos and images that are easy to share and offer some information. If you run an e-commerce business then product images can be used, but if your business relates to content then you should look at infographics. Infographics require a bit of work to create, but they are one of the most shared images when used for social media marketing.

If you are looking at paid advertising then you need to have high-quality pictures that grab the viewer’s attention. The type of paid advertising will impact how simple the picture should be. If you are going to be using paid banner adverts, you could include wording with the pictures. However, if you are using paid search adverts, you need to have a simpler picture.

Continued Testing Is Necessary

When you use photos in your marketing you need to complete testing. Many experts recommend testing 2 images with the same text for a set amount of time. You can then see which is working better and only use that image. Of course, you should continue to test your images against others to ensure that you are always using the best ones for your marketing strategy.

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