Be grateful That your Equipment is cheap!!

Life isn’t easy, but it is still a good idea to be grateful for the opportunities we have. Take, for example, the fact that most of us can now create unique video, photography, or music content from our own home.

The technological improvements on Camera and sound recording devices in the past 10 years alone has been immense. All the while the affordability of the equipment has fallen. No longer do you need to pat thousands of dollars to go to a studio or have avoid editing you family home movies because it would just cost to much. Now you can go online and find a reasonable video and sound editor program for $50 bucks.

A high quality desktop microphone can be purchased for less than 100 dollars, and even camera’s (depending on how high tech you need to get) can be found for under $500. Put it all together and you can be making your own podcasts, video blogs, or songs for just pennies the cost for a decade ago.

So there… be grateful you chumps!!


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