Capturing A Good Photo

Because content is so importnat.. and original content more favored, we suggest you follow some of the below pointers and take action.

Pictures for posts

A picture is worth a thousand words:

who needs a beach anyway?

We have all heard the phrase before, but do we really understand what it means in term of marketing or engaging content in general.

a picture of a lady on the beach

Ok…maybe if she is there 🙂

How many of us scroll the Facebook pages at times and never actually read anything? Just take the time to like a few pictures and move along. It is this very reason that site like Pinterest and Instagram have started to command so much more attention and, in the case of Instagram have a much higher participation rate on the content added.

High-quality pictures, whether artistic or of the everyday variety, are quick to digest. Dozens of pictures can be observed in the same amount of time it takes to read a short article. Entire websites with massive traffic flow are dedicated to creating and sharing stock images (and selling other works as well). Websites like Pexels or Pixabay are visited daily by thousands of users and content creators for the purpose of sharing and selling images.

But a word to the wise, original content is looked upon more favorable as it pertains to Search Engine Optimization. It makes sense that a photo used a million times on as many different web pages is going to have less resonance with a search engine algorithm even if it has a fantastic impact on a viewer seeing it for the first time. This is why we encourage people to get out their camera’s and get some photo’s of their own creation out into the world. New photo’s that one puts on their web pages.

Remember, if you are trying to improve your online rankings, try giving a title to the pictures that represent some of the keywords you are going after.